Who is Qualified to Minister Who?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

As a minister and pastor I find myself ministering to those who have experienced things in their lives that I have never encountered. They live through x, y, and z daily while I have no clue what it is to live in that way.

But God sees fit for our paths to cross, He'll pour out of me and they walk away healed and delivered.

I gave this some thought because of some things I've heard from behind the pulpit and even on TV. And that is, how can "you" effectively minister to me the x, y, and z when you've never experienced or been through x, y, and z?

Let's look at Jesus our elder brother and perfect example.

Jesus was never a fornicator, but was able to minister to the woman at the well.

Jesus was never blind, but opened blinded eyes.

Jesus was never possessed by a demon, but was able to cast out devils.

Jesus never had leprosy, but healed the leprous.

So you have to ask, how was Jesus able to minister to people who were so unlike himself? The scriptures teach that he was tempted as we are but without sin. He was very much acquainted with our sorrows and griefs...yet without sin. And he was still able to heal and deliver.

Jesus said he came to do the will of his father. He had no agenda other than the one his father laid out for him. He worked the works of him who sent him.

If Jesus who knew no sin was able to minister to the sinner, surely I can minister to the drunk even though I've never been drunk.


Because I'm not ministering out of myself.

As ministers we have to realize it's not about us.

We're not supposed to minister out of ourselves in the first place. Flesh will fail you every time.

We must depend on something much greater than ourselves. We must solely depend on Holy Spirit to do what needs to be done. The spirit of God knows all things and it's Holy Spirit who should be in operation when we minister. It's the word of the Lord speaking to that person through us. It's the Spirit discerning the hearts of men and tells you exactly what needs to be done for that person to receive what God has for them.

When we depend on ourselves, when we depend on our education, when we depend on anything or anyone else but the Spirit of God to minister we dismiss the possibility for the miraculous. We fore go true deliverance and repentance when we do it ourselves.

So who is qualified to minister to who?

The minister who is devoted and dependent on God, who is led and operates by the Spirit of God is qualified to get the job done. Holy Spirit is very effective regardless of a man's past.

So be encouraged man and woman of God. When God sends people so unlike yourself for you to minister too...take heart...it's the Spirit of God who will minister through you and bring about God's desired results. You don't have to do anything but remain yielded to the Spirit and that should be comforting!

God Bless!


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