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Monday, November 29, 2010

In a moment of frustration, I posted on my Facebook page, my mounting frustration about what I was hearing come across the pulpit in the name of the Lord. Some of it is truly the spirit of error at work; but not so in every case. Sometimes it's due to lack of knowledge. By the end of that post, I was ready to confront and ask for notes and references. But then Holy Spirit reminded me that this is not new and a best practice for handling this type of situation already existed in scripture.
And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus. This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John. And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. - Acts 18-24-26
Leader to leader
A minister I know told me about a relative of hers who thought it her business to correct ministry leaders. She held no prophetic office and was determined on delivering what she believed to be the word of the Lord. Some actually entertained what she had to say. What this person did not know is that a best practice had already been established. According to scripture, this type of correction comes from one ministry leader to another.

Aquila and Priscilla were missionaries and traveled with the Apostle Paul. Church tradition says that this husband and wife team were a part of the 70 that Jesus sent out according to Luke chapter 10. So we see established leaders listening to a dynamic message from a very eloquent man but obviously lacking in a doctrinal truth. When they heard this, it became their responsibility to correct in love and show the better way.

I wouldn't try it 
David was fleeing Jerusalem when Shimei hurled curses and insults upon David in 2 Samuel 16. Without further reading, it  appears that his actions were met with God's approval. Scroll down to chapter 19 and we find Shimei repenting to David and pleading for his life. Shimei admitted his guilt, said he knew he had sinned and went to meet David and repented. Eventually Shimei was killed by King David's son Solomon for blatant disobedience. A poignant story that reminds us of God's order in the Kingdom and reveals the heart of those who buck against that order.

Again, correction of a leader should always come from another leader.

Oh they'll eventually get it is not acceptable
Aquila and Priscilla did not let Apollos remain in the dark concerning God's truth about Jesus Christ. It was more important that Apollos declare the full counsel of this gospel message. That is all that mattered. Here is where church leaders today can take note. It's not enough to see your fellow co-laborer missing an important truth. The notion of, "Oh they'll eventually get it," is not the will of the Father. To my surprise, some allow those who pull in large crowds to teach in error because of the money that also comes with large crowds.

This ought not be so!

To complain, to talk about and not offer correction to a minister who is lacking knowledge or truth is unacceptable.

There's a right way and wrong way
Notice another best practice for us here in this text. They did not confront Apollos in the middle of his message. They did not "call him out" if you will in front of the other synagogue leaders. They took him and privately showed him the way of God more perfectly.

This is a best practice solution for handling fellow ministry leaders who lack some eternal truth and need to be shown the better way. Dealing with false teachers and prophets and confronting the spirit of error is another post altogether. Holy Spirit will definitely lead and guide you in this area if you ask Him too. Don't get frustrated, Holy Spirit just may want to use you to enlighten and reveal truth. A true vessel will consider your words and take them to heart. Remember sons of God receive correction!

May God give you wisdom and grace to contend for the faith!

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Lisa


Leadership thought of the day

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elisha served Elijah till the end even though he was hard-pressed to give up early.

He was determined to see his master through till the end.

He would complete his assignment and not even the prophet’s suggestion of ending early dissuaded him.

Because he pressed through to the end; Elisha received a double portion of his master’s anointing.

The lesson here is to continue to the very end. Only let the Lord separate you and promote you and receive the double portion.


Do you hear what I hear?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now when Joshua heard the sound of the people as they shouted, he said to Moses, "There is a sound of war in the camp."
But he (Moses) said,
"It is not the sound of the cry of triumph, Nor is it the sound of the cry of defeat; But the sound of singing I hear." Exodus 32:17-18 NASB
The purpose of a mentor, a spiritual parent is to help you develop your ear; sharpen your discernment. Joshua served faithfully under Moses until Moses died and it was time to take the Children of Israel over into the promise land.

During Joshua’s early training, he and Moses along with 70 others were on a mountain receiving the commandments from God.

A noise from the Hebrew camp arose and Joshua heard the sound of war.

Moses had to tell him, no what you hear is the sound of singing.

This was a lesson in proper discernment and on hearing correctly.

And what a valuable lesson.

Joshua, a man of war, discerned the noise through his combat filter. Moses helped him realize that was not the case and Joshua grew as a leader that day.

Had Moses not instructed Joshua, he would have went storming down the mountain ready for war and looked very foolish!

Man and woman of God, allow Holy Spirit to develop your spiritual hearing and discernment through your leader. If you submit to this training, God can then magnify you before those you serve and save you from foolish mistakes.

Many blessings,
Pastor Lisa


Better not Bitter

Monday, August 9, 2010

Things happen.

Things happen that puzzle us, confuse us, frustrate us. Life and ministry throw curve balls. It happens to the best of us. Then sometimes we make mistakes. Big ones.

It's how we handle those failures and disappointments that shape our character.

King David had some bad stuff happen. While he was out taking care of business, some folk came along and kidnapped his family and took his stuff. They even kidnapped the families of those who were working with him. What thoughts would run across your mind if you're out taking care of God's business and you come back and realize all you have is gone?

There was talk of killing David but scripture says David encouraged himself in the Lord.

David recovered all and from the number of Psalms attributed to him, I would conclude that he became better and not bitter.

When things don't go the way we planned, when we fail miserably, when we're embarrassed by those failures, when our name is dragged through the mud, at that very moment you have the choice of being better for the experience or bitter.

Many of us become bitter.

We don't see our part in the ordeal.

Maybe we rushed ahead of God, maybe we heeded unwise counsel, maybe we didn't count up the cost, maybe we refused to see; whatever the reason becoming bitter is a dangerous option.

Bitterness will espouse new doctrines to support itself. That bitterness reframes our teaching, our ministry, it taints the table we spread before the people.

In order to be better it means owning whatever part we played in the situation and then asking for forgiveness and then forgiving ourselves.

Good leaders own their mistakes, learn from them and become better.

Man and woman of God choose to be better, not bitter.

Lifting you in prayer,

Pastor Lisa


Not Yours! Mine!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shortly after my husband and I began serving as pastors, I heard the Lord say, "You have no people; I have people."

I had to respond in the words of my sister, "You sho' right."

Being called to lead is a call to serve.

It's a call to serve His people.

His Word declares:
Tend (nurture, guard, guide, and fold) the flock of God that is [your responsibility], not by coercion or constraint, but willingly; not dishonorably motivated by the advantages and profits [belonging to the office], but eagerly and cheerfully; Not domineering [as arrogant, dictatorial, and overbearing persons] over those in your charge, but being examples (patterns and models of Christian living) to the flock (the congregation). And [then] when the Chief Shepherd is revealed, you will win the conqueror's crown of glory. -1 Peter 5:2-4 (Amplified Bible)
The people that we serve, the leadership staff that serves along with us are not pawns in a personal rise to the top or self-proclaimed quest to go to the nations. They are not stepping stones to "next levels/dimensions."

The people we serve are souls; precious souls which Jesus Himself gave His life. As leaders we watch for their souls according to Hebrews 13:17. When we lose this focus, when those around us are only valuable if they can advance our cause or agenda and are dismissed if they don't serve our purpose; then we find ourselves in a very dangerous place.

It's time to do a heart check.

As leaders we have to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23) against pride and fleshly agendas. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our heart, with all our soul and all our mind. When we fall out of love with our Savior, what is sacred becomes profane and we mishandle the holy. Touch not my anointed also refers to those in the pews; not just those in leadership positions.

When Holy Spirit gives gifts to men it is for the perfecting of the Body; not our personal desires or aspirations. When personal agendas skew your perspective, it's time to pray. It's time to return to our first love which is Jesus Christ.

Leaders, you have no people. They're not yours. They belong the Father. You belong to the Father and will be judged on how you handle them. Don't forget, we are called to serve and advance a spiritual kingdom; never our own.

God is saying, not yours...mine!


Jezebel New & Improved!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pastors! Leaders!

There is a spirit loose that seeks to monopolize your time, your energy and your resources. This spirit manifests itself as helpless and needy. But once it draws you in, it is the furthest thing from helpless or needy. Instead it is strong-willed, stubborn, unrepentant, controlling and manipulative. It's and improved for the 20th century church.

A few facts about Jezebel:

  • Married Ahab king of Israel (1 Kings 16:31)
  • FAITHFUL idol worshiper (1 Kings 16:31)
  • Enemy of God and His prophets (1 Kings 18:4; 1 Kings 19:1-2)
  • Murderer and master manipulator (1 Kings 22:6-15)
  • Unwilling to repent (Revelations 2:20)
This manifestation of Jezebel comes to you hurt and wounded and seeks your counsel and wisdom. They say they desire deliverance; they say they want healing. Oh if this were only true! In Revelations chapter two, the word declares that Jezebel calls herself a prophetess; this is what she calls herself and not what Holy Spirit has declared. So Jezie comes with a self-proclaimed title and a seat in the church.

What this new and improved manifestation of Jezie wants is YOU. She wants your time, she wants your anointing, she wants your attention all of the time. She wants to distract you from the work you were called to do.

The moment you start to pour, you'll discover that the issues are many and deep. There is layer after layer, each more offensive and putrid than the next. You'll pray, you'll minister and eventually the word repent will surface. But that word is rejected. Instead Jezie will continue her tirade of a past deemed unfair and you realize there is no end to the drama. Before you know it; you're spent. Jezie got what she wanted. You. She tied you up and now you're consumed.

Jezie has no regard for your calling. She only seeks to monopolize your time with God, family and the body of Christ. She'll drain you of your resources spiritually and naturally. Ministering to Jezie is equivalent to taking the talent Holy Spirit placed in you and burying it in dry, infertile ground. You'll never see fruit because Jezie is unwilling to repent. She wants to stop the move of God in the earth; she's sent to stop the advancement of the Kingdom through you. Healing is not her goal. Wholeness is not her desire.

Leaders don't be fooled by the shroud of meekness and helplessness! This manifestation pulls at your heart because you truly don't want to see God's people wounded. You desire they walk in healing and wholeness.

Holy Spirit once showed me myself bent over in a corner trying to console this loud, whiny, obnoxious thing. It would not be consoled! The more I tried to help, the louder it became. Holy Spirit slowly stood me straight up and I turned around with a strong awareness that there was something else I needed to tend too. And it wasn't the loud, whiny thing in the corner demanding my attention. It was a distraction. The real work, the greater work was elsewhere and I needed to focus on that.

So today I offer this prayer on your behalf.

I pray that when this manifestation of Jezebel calls your phone, walks in your church, or sends you a friend request, that alarms, bells and whistles go off in your spirit! I pray that you walk in wisdom and hear God clearly and proceed only as He leads. I pray you see and discern on greater levels! And if you're caught in Jezie's web I pray for your immediate release right now in Jesus' name!

There's work to do man and woman of God.

Don't get thrown by Jezie's new manifestation.

It's something old wrapped in something not so new.

Be blessed,

Pastor Lisa


You Really Should Get Out More

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being a new pastor with a new ministry to look after, we sometimes can pigeon hole ourselves and narrow our vision to just our local church. It happens. Especially if you're currently independent and not connected to an organization.

Last year, my husband and I made the commitment to get out more. The ministry receives hundreds of unsolicited emails from marketing firms who added us to their lists without our consent (yes, this is a pet peeve of They promote all kinds of events; from church plays to prophetic conferences and end-time revivals. So where do we go?

One, trust Holy Spirit to lead. Last month, I received an email from someone I knew about an upcoming event. I forwarded the email to my beloved and suggested we go. What a phenomenal experience! The word says that if we acknowledge Him in all of our ways, He'd direct our paths. There's so much to glean and benefit when we fellowship. Sometimes it's a lesson on what not to do that's equally beneficial. But most times, it's a beautiful display of the body of Christ working as one just like Jesus prayed in John 17.

Part of the blessing of connecting with other believers, especially those who may worship different than you, is that you get a clearer picture of just how big God is. You understand that God is GLOBAL and that kingdom business is WORLDWIDE. Fellowship with other kingdom-minded believers force you to broaden your concept of ministry. Yes we're called to a local ministry but through fellowship, you see how it's all connected by the same Spirit and your ministry fits into God's much bigger plan. It's awesome.

So this year, ask Holy Spirit to lead you. Get out more! It will bless you!


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