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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's released when heat is applied?

In a recent marketing video, I talked about how campaigns and design pieces should be tested. In that video I mentioned that even God himself doesn't release a thing until it's been tested. As leaders we can't be quick to release those serving with us without proper testing no matter how great the need.

Character, faithfulness, spiritual soundness and maturity, are all things that come under scrutiny during testing. Testing demands that one proves what they know and that they are who they say they are. Testing exposes weak areas and then those weak areas are submitted and yielded to Holy Spirit for strengthening through prayer and fasting.

Before next levels...there is usually a time of proving. Jesus was led to the wilderness by Holy Spirit for testing. (Luke 4). Upon successful completion of that test, then He was released into public ministry. Spiritual leaders then must be observant and willing to wait. Leaders must ask:
  • How do those up for promotion handle pressure (i.e. trials and adversity)?
    • Do they complain or are they prayerful? 
    • Has their attendance increased or decreased during this time of testing? 
    • Has their praise and worship taken a noticeable hit? 
    • Has there been a decrease in their giving (time and finances)?
    • Do they "heed sound doctrine?" In other words are they teachable, receptive to Holy Spirit's wisdom through you as their leader?
This is the kind of information you need before the ordination and a time of testing will always tell. Allow Holy Spirit to do the work then be observant, be patient and know that God will with hold no good thing from you. That includes sending able-bodied ministers to help you carry the vision. Take nothing at face value and allow Holy Spirit to test their readiness for you.

Whether its a marketing campaign or minister in your congregation...it shouldn't be released without first being thoroughly tested. 

Blessings everyone!


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