Jezebel New & Improved!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pastors! Leaders!

There is a spirit loose that seeks to monopolize your time, your energy and your resources. This spirit manifests itself as helpless and needy. But once it draws you in, it is the furthest thing from helpless or needy. Instead it is strong-willed, stubborn, unrepentant, controlling and manipulative. It's and improved for the 20th century church.

A few facts about Jezebel:

  • Married Ahab king of Israel (1 Kings 16:31)
  • FAITHFUL idol worshiper (1 Kings 16:31)
  • Enemy of God and His prophets (1 Kings 18:4; 1 Kings 19:1-2)
  • Murderer and master manipulator (1 Kings 22:6-15)
  • Unwilling to repent (Revelations 2:20)
This manifestation of Jezebel comes to you hurt and wounded and seeks your counsel and wisdom. They say they desire deliverance; they say they want healing. Oh if this were only true! In Revelations chapter two, the word declares that Jezebel calls herself a prophetess; this is what she calls herself and not what Holy Spirit has declared. So Jezie comes with a self-proclaimed title and a seat in the church.

What this new and improved manifestation of Jezie wants is YOU. She wants your time, she wants your anointing, she wants your attention all of the time. She wants to distract you from the work you were called to do.

The moment you start to pour, you'll discover that the issues are many and deep. There is layer after layer, each more offensive and putrid than the next. You'll pray, you'll minister and eventually the word repent will surface. But that word is rejected. Instead Jezie will continue her tirade of a past deemed unfair and you realize there is no end to the drama. Before you know it; you're spent. Jezie got what she wanted. You. She tied you up and now you're consumed.

Jezie has no regard for your calling. She only seeks to monopolize your time with God, family and the body of Christ. She'll drain you of your resources spiritually and naturally. Ministering to Jezie is equivalent to taking the talent Holy Spirit placed in you and burying it in dry, infertile ground. You'll never see fruit because Jezie is unwilling to repent. She wants to stop the move of God in the earth; she's sent to stop the advancement of the Kingdom through you. Healing is not her goal. Wholeness is not her desire.

Leaders don't be fooled by the shroud of meekness and helplessness! This manifestation pulls at your heart because you truly don't want to see God's people wounded. You desire they walk in healing and wholeness.

Holy Spirit once showed me myself bent over in a corner trying to console this loud, whiny, obnoxious thing. It would not be consoled! The more I tried to help, the louder it became. Holy Spirit slowly stood me straight up and I turned around with a strong awareness that there was something else I needed to tend too. And it wasn't the loud, whiny thing in the corner demanding my attention. It was a distraction. The real work, the greater work was elsewhere and I needed to focus on that.

So today I offer this prayer on your behalf.

I pray that when this manifestation of Jezebel calls your phone, walks in your church, or sends you a friend request, that alarms, bells and whistles go off in your spirit! I pray that you walk in wisdom and hear God clearly and proceed only as He leads. I pray you see and discern on greater levels! And if you're caught in Jezie's web I pray for your immediate release right now in Jesus' name!

There's work to do man and woman of God.

Don't get thrown by Jezie's new manifestation.

It's something old wrapped in something not so new.

Be blessed,

Pastor Lisa


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