Better not Bitter

Monday, August 9, 2010

Things happen.

Things happen that puzzle us, confuse us, frustrate us. Life and ministry throw curve balls. It happens to the best of us. Then sometimes we make mistakes. Big ones.

It's how we handle those failures and disappointments that shape our character.

King David had some bad stuff happen. While he was out taking care of business, some folk came along and kidnapped his family and took his stuff. They even kidnapped the families of those who were working with him. What thoughts would run across your mind if you're out taking care of God's business and you come back and realize all you have is gone?

There was talk of killing David but scripture says David encouraged himself in the Lord.

David recovered all and from the number of Psalms attributed to him, I would conclude that he became better and not bitter.

When things don't go the way we planned, when we fail miserably, when we're embarrassed by those failures, when our name is dragged through the mud, at that very moment you have the choice of being better for the experience or bitter.

Many of us become bitter.

We don't see our part in the ordeal.

Maybe we rushed ahead of God, maybe we heeded unwise counsel, maybe we didn't count up the cost, maybe we refused to see; whatever the reason becoming bitter is a dangerous option.

Bitterness will espouse new doctrines to support itself. That bitterness reframes our teaching, our ministry, it taints the table we spread before the people.

In order to be better it means owning whatever part we played in the situation and then asking for forgiveness and then forgiving ourselves.

Good leaders own their mistakes, learn from them and become better.

Man and woman of God choose to be better, not bitter.

Lifting you in prayer,

Pastor Lisa


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